What Are the 5 C’s of Social Marketing?

Pdf Social Media Campaign Proposal Example

When we write a marketing plan we talk about the 4P’s (product, price, place and, promotion). In creating a strategic plan for social media it’s important to think about the C’s. Digital Marketing and Social Media is about creating a “Whole House Strategy” that communicates to the consumer. Here are 5 C’s that I feel are important to think about when creating your Social Media plan:
•Conversion – The unique visitor who either purchases or responds to your call to action. Your strategy in social media should be centered on the conversation and content, because driving the conversation is what is going to drive the conversion.
•Culture – Each social network has its own culture, and it is the culture that allows the network to live and breathe. Facebook is a very homey culture where LinkedIn, …

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Buying an access platform is only the first step, it is absolutely crucial that everyone who uses it is properly trained, uses the appropriate safety gear and that the lifting equipment itself is correctly maintained to a service schedule. Wherever you buy your access platform from, they should be able to offer you and your staff training in how to use the equipment, or at the very least point you in the direction of someone who can.

Step one is training. As you would expect from an industry that helps people carry out work at heights, the access industry is high regulated and certain training must be carried out before any staff member can be allowed to use the equipment. As part of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations Act 1998 (PUWER), the law states that anyone using lifting equipment such as scissor lifts, boom lifts or cherry …

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